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We all know that a resume is a document that is created for the purpose of an interview which contains a personal profile, career summary, educational qualifications, professional skills, and work experiences. But when it comes to making a resume, we all forget what to write, how to write, and where to write. No worries, This is an extensive guide about resume format here we are discussing how to make the best resume in a proper format for the purpose of job interviews.

Resumes must be arranged or organized in an orderly way as follows.

Personal Information

Personal information is the first section we should write in a resume. In the personal information, you should mention all the details about you like name, date of birth, address, contact details, email ID, website, etc. As you can see here is an example of a personal summary and personal information. And make sure that you put the correct information in personal information section on your resume.

Educational Details

When you are writing your educational details in a resume, you should mention them in reverse chronological order. You should include the name of the school, location of the school, the degree that you obtained, your field of study, graduation year, and the grades you obtained. Moreover, you can mention any relevant honors or academic recognitions that you received in seminars, fests, or activities during education. Additionally, if are pursuing any add-on courses, you must mention that as well as currently pursuing.

Work Experience History

Work experience is the most important section in a resume, where you describe previous job titles, responsibilities, and achievements. When an employer receives a resume, the first thing they are looking for is your work history.

When it comes to working experience, write the latest one on the top followed by the others. Always remember to write the name of the company, location of the company, the role of your job, key responsibilities, and duration.


Under the skill section, you can mention your technical skills, interpersonal skills, professional skills, etc. For instance, if you are a software developer you can mention skills like programming languages, data structures, and algorithms source control, text editors, integrated development environment (IDE), networking skills, testing skills, etc.


We must describe our strengths and skills according to the job title we are applying to in the resume. For instance, if you are applying for the job title of team leader you should mention strengths like leadership, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, decision making, management skills, collaboration skills, work ethics, flexibility, time management, and teamwork.

It’s demanded nowadays. Because employers might be searching for a good team leader who can manage and coordinate a team of 100 people.

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