10+ Best Hobbies & Interests for Resume in 2021

Hobbies has a great impact on your resume. Hobbies can impress the interviewer in a positive or negative way. So, always remember to choose hobbies wisely when you are writing them on a resume.

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We all have some hobbies. But sometimes we cant add them to our resume because it might affect the impression of the interviewer. On the other hand, there are some hobbies which can give a good impression to the interviewer. For instance, if you are applying for the job title of a mechanical engineer, you can add reading magazines like Autocar, TopGear, Overdrive, etc. It makes a good impression on the interviewer than adding hobbies like video gaming, playing cards, or gardening. So when we are writing a resume, we should put some hobbies which make sense to the interviewer and the organization.

Here are some hobbies which you can add in the resume which helps to give a good impression in interviews.

Best Hobbies To Put On a Resume

  1. Photography
  2. Reading Books, Quora, Medium Etc.
  3. Digital Arts
  4. Computer Programming
  5. Video Editing
  6. Calligraphy
  7. Blogging
  8. Puzzle Solving – Sudoku
  9. Mentoring
  10. Investing
  11. Model Building – Miniature Building

There are hundreds of hobbies people follow in life. It depends on people to people. I highly recommend everyone to put hobbies which relates to your job titles. But some hobbies are not meant to write on the resumes. We need to write hobbies which can make good impressions on the employer.

Photography – A Hobbie That Everyone Likes

Photography is one of the trending hobbies that you can put on a resume. Especially if you are applying for job titles like product photographer, creative coordinator, or fashion stylist. This will give you an advantage over the other interview candidates. Moreover, it gives a positive impression on the interviewer and the organization.

On the other hand, photography is a common hobby that nowadays people are very much interested in. So you can mention this hobby in your resume even if you are applying for engineering or business-related job titles. Because photography is a profession and hobby which demands creativity, imagination, and vision. In fact, it helps the interviewer to understand a little more about your skills and qualities like creativity, imagination, and vision.


Reading is one of the best hobbies that everyone can mention in resumes. Because, reading books, blogs, magazines, and forums will help you to enhance your knowledge base. Moreover, it improves the analytical and thinking skills of the person. You might wonder how reading increases the strength of a resume. Let me tell you one thing, reading books, blogs, and magazines related to your fields will increase your knowledge and it keeps you updated on what’s happening in your industry. Sometimes, interview questions can be industry-related. How can you answer the industry-related questions if you are not reading or watching?

In my opinion, if you are a mechanical engineer, then you should read books and magazines related to the automobile industry and engineering. You can get hundreds of free books and magazines from the internet and social media.

In short, reading will help you to answers all most everything related to your industry. Similarly, it can give a positive impression to the HR manager during the interview. So always mention reading as a hobby in your resume.

Digital Arts

In my opinion, adding hobbies which are related to your industry will give you more weightage than other candidates. Because when they see the overall resume, they will get a good impression.


Calligraphy is the art of writing something beautifully using a pen, brush, or any other writing instrument. Basically, it’s the design and execution of lettings very attractively. People consider calligraphy as an upstanding hobby. Also, there are many professionals who made a career out of using calligraphy. Calligraphy is commonly used in the branding of businesses, DIY projects, and much more.

I have seen that many people take advantage of calligraphy to write beautiful letters, invitations, and digital posters to make things more attractive. Calligraphy is listed as a hobby in resumes by peoples who work in the design industry or looking to enter the design industry. I highly recommend writing calligraphy as a hobby for people who wish to work in the design industry. Because – people who can write in calligraphy will have a sense of creativity over the others.


A blog is an informational website displaying information about a specific niche. 

Blogging is one of the best hobbies – that you can mention on a resume when you attend interviews in the marketing or digital marketing industry. Because I have noticed that – people who write blogs have more creativity and communication skills than others. From an employer’s perspective, they are more likely to hire people with more relevant skills and hobbies.

In addition, you can mention blogging as a hobby in your resume even if you are attending interviews with any other industry. Because it’s considered as one of the standard hobbies when comparing to other hobbies. 

Jinu Varghese

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