Strengths in Resume: List of Strengths to Write in Resume

Here are the list of best strengths that you can write in a resume to impress the interviewer within no time.

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When you prepare a resume for an interview, it should be able to impress the interviewer as well as the management. Because your resume is the first thing they see before a face to face interview with you. Nowadays what we commonly do is, just uploading our resume into job portals like Naukri Jobs, Indeed Jobs, Monster Jobs, and apply for certain jobs through their websites. The interviewers will evaluate and selects a few resumes from the list and send us the interview call letter. In order to impress the interviewer, we must have a good resume with all the skills and strengths. Always keep in mind that, A Good Resume Always Attracts More Call Letter From Companies.

Here are the Examples of Strengths to Write In Your Resume which will attract any of the interviewers.

Importance Of Your Strengths In a Resume

Why do we need to write our strengths in a resume? It is very important to write our strengths because we need to impress the HR of the company through our resume. The most important thing apart from your personal and educational details are your skills, strengths, and experience. Most probably, the HR executive will invite you for a face to face interview only based on your skills and strengths which you have mentioned in your resume.

Your Resume Defines Who You Are In Interviews.

Jinu Varghese

Top Strengths To Write In Resume With Examples

There are a lot of things that matter when it comes to an interview. One of the factors is your resume. HR executives will get to know that, what kind of person you are from your resume itself. So it’s very important to have an updated resume that suits the job title with related experience, skills, and qualities.

These are a list of strengths that most of the HR managers love to see in a resume before hiring a candidate.

Common Strengths To Write In a Resume

Strengths can be divided into two categories.
1. Common Strengths.
2. Key Strengths.

Common strengths are nothing but the basic skills which everyone has. Key strengths are the skills that are required specifically for the job title. For instance, if you are applying for the job title of a senior manager in a company, They expect you to have leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and organization skills.

Similarly, there are some common strengths which we need to write in our resumes like Communication, Discipline, Dedication, Quick Learner, Hard Working, Accuracy, and Computer skills. These are the common strengths that every HR Managers look in a resume and interview. Don’t forget to write these common skills and strengths in your resume and interviews with your key strengths.


Communication skills are one of the best strength which you can write in a resume. Because being able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and customers are always added as an advantage in all the interviews. If you can speak multiple languages apart from English is always appreciated when you go for BPOs, Sales, Customer Support, and Front office interviews. So always mentions the languages in which you can speak and write fluently in your resume.


In my view, leadership is not a skill. It’s a kind of attitude where you believe in yourself and others. To be a leader or to lead a team, you need to have a positive and self-motivated attitude. People with leadership qualities are the ones who take the first initiate towards the goal. They always think more and do more. When HR conducts an interview, they will look for candidates with leadership qualities. Because in the future this candidate may have to guide the others. So, in most of the interviews, HR may test your leadership qualities through behavioral interview questions.


Disciplined peoples are always respected in offices and meetings. The way you behave and how you talk to others will show how disciplined you are. Disciplined people are more likely to get promotions in the future. If you show a disciplined character in your work and office, they will trust you more and give respective positions and appreciations. You don’t have to write it as a strength. Because the HR will get to know these things from your talking and behavior from the interview.


Dedication towards work is another strength that most of the HR Managers look in candidates while hiring. Who will hire a candidate without dedication to his work and company? Nobody will hire. So they will always look for candidates with a high level of dedication and with hardworking mentality. The dedication includes doing your work with sincerity and ethics. In short, dedication means complete devotion to work.

Strong Work Ethics

Every company expects it’s employees to work with good ethics. Because a single employee’s unethical behavior can affect the total reputation of the company. So be a man with strong ethics. Do not favor anyone based on friendship. Follow the rules and regulations of the company and if you find anybody doing unethical things try to inform the management as soon as possible.

Time Management

As everyone knows, Time and Tide Wait For None. Time is valuable for everyone. Time Management is the ability to utilize time effectively while working. Sometimes you may have to work on multiple projects at a time. Maybe you have to finish both of them on the same day. In this kind of situation, You need to manage your time effectively to finish both of them. 

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is another good strength to write in your resume. Because the company needs people who can solve their client’s problems and challenges. Problem Solving includes many levels. Each level demands your different skills and strengths. Identifying the problem is the first step then analyzing, Finding solutions, and Implementing. To do all this, you need to have good knowledge of the field in which you are working.

Key Strengths To Write In Your Resume

Key strengths are nothing but skills that are developed through experience and learned from different situations. For instance, skills like Speed, Sales Skills, Critical thinking, etc. Key skills have more importance than common skills in an interview. So we need to highlight them as well.

Interpersonal Skills and Stress Tolerance

Being nice to people in stressful situations is another quality of a good employee. Especially for employees who are working in the sales field. If you are applying for sales and marketing related jobs, the HR managers will look for interpersonal skills and stress tolerance. Because sales and marketing are one of the most stressful jobs on earth. The reason behind this is because they have strict targets and deadlines when comparing to other professions. So be a good person with good interpersonal skills and stress tolerance. Moreover, when it comes to an interview, try to attend it with a good personality.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Not all companies are the same. All are different. Some companies work in the daytime, some works at night time, and some works 24×7. Here come the flexibility and adaptability of a person to work on different shifts, timing, and days. One should be able to work according to the style of the company. Moreover, one should adapt to the working environment to succeed in the future. In most of the interviews, you can expect a question like this “Are you flexible with the rotational shifts..?”. They hire only those who are ready to work according to their timing and schedules.

Quick Learner

Quick learning is another strength that you must mention in your resume. Because most of the companies are searching for people who can learn new things faster. Think about this. if you are a slow learner, then how can you move fast forward with frequently changing updates in the job. So always try to learn things faster and clearly. In addition, this will help you to grow in the profession when it comes to promotion and appraisals. The management is more likely to promote the one who learns new things faster than others.

Responsibility and Coaching People – Teaching

As we all know, responsibility is an essential quality we must have. And, most of the companies expect this from each employee. For instance, meeting deadlines and targets are the responsibility of a sales executive. If he is unable to meet the deadlines and targets, it shows a lack of responsibility or skills in the job.

The ability to guide and teach others is another skill that companies look at in the candidates. Today, you may be as joining as an executive. But after a few years, you may become a team leader. At that time you need to guide and teach other team members. Most of the HR Managers will hire a candidate with a long term perspective in mind.

Motivating People and Creating Ideas – Creativity

Creativity and motivating others are some unique qualities of good people which everyone doesn’t have. Only a few people can motivate other employees. If you can motivate others, it’s always added as a plus point in many interviews. Similarly, creativity is another quality that is rare in people. If you are applying for jobs like a design engineer, graphic designer, or architect, you need a lot of creativity and imagination.

Punctuality and Accuracy

Both of these things will tell how disciplined you are. For instance, you are coming at 9.50 am in the office for the 9.30 am shift every day. It simply shows you are not punctual and disciplined. At least you should be in the office by 9.20 am.

Imagine that, you are working as a data entry clerk in an office. Your job is to type documents on a computer. And you are making a lot of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes in the documents. It shows your lack of concentration and accuracy. If you wish to go to a higher position in your company, be responsible, be punctual, be accurate.

Honesty and Integrity

Companies expect employees to be very honest in their profession. Be honest while handling customers and talking to clients. Work ethically in the organization. Moreover, obey the rules and regulations of the company. In short, be a person with integrity and honesty. And work for the growth of the company by all means.

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These are the strengths you should mention in you resume to have the best impression in the interview. Adding more relevant skills and qualities related to job title will always increase the chance of getting selected in the interviews. So remember to add everything before your submit your resume for the next interview.

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